‘Divergent’, ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and ‘Noah’: Top 5 Box Office Hits for the Month of April

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The month of April has given fans and movie buffs many films to enjoy. Below is a list of all the phenomenal movies that raked in millions in the box office for this month of April. If you are still deciding on what movie to catch on the big screen, this list might probably help you.

#5  Muppets Most Wanted

What do you get when the Muppets go on a global tour?-total mayhem! The Muppets gang up on a global tour, visiting wonderful places in Europe such as Berlin, Madrid and London. Despite the scenic experience for the gang, the Muppets find themselves embroiled in an international caper lead by Constantine-also known as Number One Criminal. Constantine is accompanied by his gullible sidekick Dominic, also known as Number Two Criminal.

Produced by Walt Disney Pictures, the movie is said to have amassed $42, 002, 808 dollars in profit as of the first week of April.

# 4 God's Not Dead

An academically gifted and devout Christian, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) finds himself in an inescapable conundrum. Josh has to balance out things with his smug Philosophy professor who challenges the devout Christian to prove the existence of God through well-researched and intellectual papers lest he wants to get failing grade in the course.

The movie is a film about the opposing views on the existence of God-proved to be a worthwhile piece that challenges people to analyze their belief in God.

Produced by Pure|Flix Entertainment, the movie is said to have garnered $32, 558,187 dollars in earnings as of the first week of April.

#3 Divergent

Based on the best-selling series of Veronica Roth, "Divergent" has definitely been one of the more popular choices for moviegoers this April. Produced by Lionsgate, it has been reported that "Divergent" managed to get in a total of $114, 005,553 dollars after three weeks of showing in cinemas. Main Actress Shailene Woodley portrays Tris Pror, a teenager who does not fit into the presupposed and arbitrary factions of human virtues. With her life at stake, divergent Tris has to learn how to trust the Mysterious Four (Theo James) and find out why divergents like her are deemed too dangerous.

#2 Noah

Starring the adored Emma Watson and Academy Award winner Russell Crowe, Noah is a story based on the biblical parable of the same character "Noah" and his struggle to preserve humanity after God ravaged the whole world by a storm to cleanse it of its sinners. Produced by Paramount Pictures, the movie has been able to garner     $72,386,905 in profit after two weeks of showing in the cinemas.

#1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is probably the biggest movie to catch on the big screen this April. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America partners up with Russian agent Natasha Romanoff and the Falcon to defeat a series of enemies-as well as the new villain, the Winter Soldier.

The sequel to the equally successful movie, "Captain America" has raked in a staggering amount of $95, 023, 721 million dollars in profit.

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