Ditch Blackberry for Windows Phone? Nokia’s Boldly Shows How in a Video [WATCH]

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Nokia's pitting against other brands and devices is far from being done. Recently, the Finnish manufacturer, in its official UK blog boldly shows how users can migrate from Blackberry to a new Lumia while consistently mentioning the phone's superiority against the competitor.

The Nokia UK blog hails the Lumia devices' Windows 8 operating system, saying that with Nokia's best looking handsets containing the best features, a BlackBerry phone would be old and slow in comparison.

The video shows the process of how BlackBerry users can successfully transfer their apps, photos, and music to their new Lumia phones. Primarily, it is a guide to encourage BlackBerry users to switch to a Nokia smartphone upon seeing that it will not take tremendous effort to take their "loved" apps and files with them.

Furthermore, Nokia is not only the manufacturer that tries to take BlackBerry away from its users. In an analysis by eWeek, it reported of Samsung being the major player among the brands that encourages users to ditch Blackberry in favour of its own Mobile Security Platform, the Knox 2.0.

Despite the pitting, BlackBerry still has a reason to celebrate this year. In an annual report on Canada's Top Tech Companies released by industry analyst Branham Group, BlackBerry Ltd. is ranked first as the top Canadian company in terms of revenue.

Following Nokia's acquisition by Microsoft, the company has been very bold in battling head on to its competitors through various media platforms. Back in March, Nokia UK posted a tweet in its official Twitter account asking Sony Xperia Z2 for a camera duel against its own flagship, the Nokia Lumia 1020. Earlier in April, Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana has been pitted against Apple's Siri in the Arsenio Hall Show, with Arsenio himself telling the audience that Cortana is "edgier" than Siri.

The release of iPhone 5c which was introduced by Apple as its "cheap alternative" did not also miss the watching eyes of Nokia's marketers. In a tweet, Nokia claimed that its Lumia 520 is the true "affordable phone" for the colourful.

The video that tells users it's time to ditch their Blackberry in favour of the new Lumia is no longer a surprise with Nokia and Microsoft's combined promotional "manipulations." However, those

How To Switch from BlackBerry To a Nokia Lumia Phone [Watch Video]

Does bolder mean better? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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