Disturbing Video Shows Young Man Paying Older Men to Kick Their Groin

By @snksounak on

A disturbing video has gone viral on social media. The Canadian video shows a man paying money to visibly weaker men to kick their groin. The video which was apparently shot by a mobile phone showed the incident that took place in the Granville Mall, Vancouver on Sunday, Feb 2. Vancouver police expressed their willingness to talk to everyone who might have been involved in the act.

Vancouver police have been looking for the men involved in the act after the video went viral on social media. It was tweeted that Vancouver police became aware of the occurrence and would look for the people involved. The video was originally uploaded on YouTube but it was removed shortly after, CBC News reported.

The video shows a heavy-looking man throwing money at weaker and older men. One of the men found it difficult to pick the money up while the young man shouted: "You want the money or what? You want the f*cking money or what?" When the man replied that he did want the money, the young man vehemently kicked his groin.

In addition to the young man exhibiting his "bravado", there are more people who seem to enjoy the act a lot. Younger men are seen relishing the destitute men getting kicked in their groin. One of them asked to do it once again. The bulky young man went on to kick another man in an open street that almost looked like an amphitheatre of the dark ages as the feeble looking men got kicked in their groin by a more muscular man.

It shows the pathetic state of the present world where the poor are so deprived of the bare necessities that they come forward to allow the rich to have sadistic entertainment for money. This is exactly what happened as the video shows the miserable men almost volunteering to be kicked in the groin in exchange for money.

The crowd, by the way, never stopped cheering and kept capturing the video on their mobile for their personal collection. What do you think? Watch it:

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