Distressing and Shocking Viral Video: Video of Drunken 9 Year-Old New Zealand Boy Goes Viral on YouTube [WATCH]

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A disturbing video of drunken 9 year-old boy surfaced on the YouTube, lately. The video has gone viral, leaving its viewers shocked and father of the child horrified. The allegedly drunk child is said to be from New Zealand. It is said that New Zealand police is investigating the matter from the time the video was posted on the Web site on Jan.7, 2014.

The reports report that the 4 and a half minutes long distressing and shocking viral video was filmed at a skate park on Clarke Road in the suburb areas of Fairfield, New Zealand.  Reportedly, the child was holding a can of Codys bourbon RTD mix and was slouched against the wall, unable to stand or walk straight.

According to the information disseminated by police in a press conference, the boy had consumed 8 cans of seven percent Cody's RTD bourbon and cola and two shots.

According to Yahoo News AU, the boy can be heard bragging about his drinking spree and saying that he had an "18 box."

In the video that films the drunken 9 year-old boy, the child is asked various questions which he answered slurring. A girl standing close to the boy reveals that he is allowed to drink as alcohol is supplied to him by his aunt who lives nearby. The boy also confesses that he has consumed weed.

According to the New Zealand Herald report, the boy's father was disturbed and shocked to see his child's video and condition in it. It is said that the father does not have the custody of his children.

"My heart is ripping out at the moment, I'm trying to hold it together. It's hard," told the father of the 9 year-old. Reportedly, the man revealed that he is in talks with Child, Youth and Family ever since he received his another son, 11, with bruises when he returned from his mother's home.

"What I want to do is get my sons out of that situation where they're allowed to drink and smoke dope," said the father.

The viral video has been filmed by an eighteen year-old boy Bradley Goudie who says that his intention of posting this video of drunken 9 year-old boy is just draw attention towards the issue of underage drinking in New Zealand. The video since then has gone viral on YouTube and has been viewed more than 608, 000 times by now. Watch the shocking and distressing viral video of drunken 9 year-old New Zealand boy on YouTube by clicking HERE.

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