Disney's 'Frozen' Chills In New Horror Movie [Watch Trailer]

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Was Elsa an evil sorceress in "Frozen?" "Did Anna intentionally impale Olaf her snowman friend with a carrot?" These are among the questions JRN posted on their site regarding the remake of a well-loved Disney animation into a horror movie. 

"Frozen" turns sinister and evil in a trailer remake by Bobby Burns.

YouTuber Bobby Burns is famous for his skill in're-imagining' famous Hollywood movies into a different genre, or simply remaking the movie into something fun and different, such as his work on Kill Bill Re-enacted by kids and If Star Wars Was A Tarantino Film.

This time, with the popularity of the animated movie "Frozen," Burns took a twisted turn in his remake of this Disney movie that has enthralled millions of viewers, all ages, around the world.

"Do you want to build a snowman?" becomes a sinister tune that nightmares are made of. Anna's adorable request for a fun snow play now becomes a haunting taunt of evil things to come. This time, building a snowman becomes a terrifying thing a kid could do.

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The trailer of the horror movie starts off with several dark scenes from the original movie set to a haunting and chilling soundtrack. Then, a clock tower bell rings and Elsa surprises everyone around her as she unleashes her chilling powers. Someone from the crowd exclaims "Sorcery!" Then everything went fast from Elsa leaving the castle, the whole town covered in ice, the sleigh getting caught in a fire, to Anna impaling Olaf with a carrot.

According to E!, the characters in the remake trailer are shown in dire situations, including a near encounter with a deadly arrow and almost falling off a cliff to their doom. The trailer ends with a giant snow monster roaring with fury.

Viewers commented that the video is actually sinister if you haven't seen the original Disney animation for "Frozen" before. Now as a horror movie, it still looks scary but in a funny way. More comments below from E!

"Can we make this a real thing? I'll go see it." - Aye

"It was great!" - Hema

"Oooh, do one for Tangled!" - Red

"Duuuuuude!! That was beastly!! No specific requests but that was phenomonal! Keep up the good work!" - Johnny Lange

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