Disney's 'Big Hero 6' - First Trailer Shows Fluffy Fighter Robot, Details of Team Members [VIDEO]

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Disney has finally released its full trailer for Marvel's comic book adaptation of "Big Hero 6" on Thursday, May 22. After months of teasing fans about the movie's characters and short footages, the big, plump, and fluffy synthetic robot makes its first appearance. The other Big Hero 6 members will later make their introduction in the upcoming trailers. 

The new trailer shows robotics boy-genius Hiro Hamada struggle in fitting the fluffy huge and fluffy Baymax with a set of red battle-ready armor, and purple metal corset for its midsection. Baymax hilariously explodes out his new armor and returns to his cute and bulgy self.

The movie will start off with Hiro and Baymax uncovering an evil scheme that will take place in their hometown San Fransokyo. They will later be joined with other inexperienced heroes to thwart the evil forces threatening their town.

Hiro and Baymax will team-up with Go Go Tamago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fredzilla.

The upcoming movie promises to provide comedy and adventure. Here are the characters and their cool abilities to do their superhero jobs.

Hiro is a 14-year old boy who has outstanding intelligence, and is touted as Tony Stark Jr.

Baymax is Hiro's robot creation and most trusted buddy. Baymax packs a strong punch, obvious in his huge form.

Go Go Tamago can transform her body into an explosive energy ball able to travel at incredible speeds.

Wasabi-No-Ginger is a chef who uses a variety of swords to fight. He can also imbue his "Qi-Energy" into throwing knives.

Honey Lemon possesses a magical "Doraemon-like" purse that gives her powers.

Fredzilla, as his moniker suggests, can transform into a Godzilla-like creature.

In the original Marvel Universe comics, Big Hero 6 has more members but they won't be appearing in the big screen due to copyright issues. Disney has yet to comment if the likes of Silver Samurai, Sunfire, and Ebon Samurai will eventually appear in a Big Hero movie sequel.

Big Hero 6 premieres Nov. 17, 2014 in the U.S., and January 2015 in the U.K.

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