'Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes,' Exciting New Characters, New Gameplay [VIDEO]

Disney just announced their follow-up "Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes" last April 30, 2014. The Disney expansion video game is expected to be released this September. New characters include "The Avengers" "Iron Man," "The Incredible Hulk," "Captain America," "Thor," and the rest of the team.

The popular Avengers characters aren't the only ones to be excited for in Disney Infinity 2.0. With the new story lines developed by Brian MIchael Bendis, Marvel's comic book veteran artist and writer, gamers will be assured of long days and nights with the joysticks. Added mini games will also add to the game addiction. New gameplay features will include advanced character controls, and building options. The Marvel characters' powers won't be exactly the same in the game as it was shown in the movies. Still, the game promises that the characters won't fall short of any amazing abilities to enjoy.

Players of the first version Disney Infinity need not to worry because all previous-game content will be carried over to the 2.0 edition. John Blackburn, vice president and general manager of Disney Infinity assures players that there won't be a problem with the transition of the previous collectibles. All the toys, play sets, power discs, and "Toy Box" levels will be sustained.

From the characters alone, players will have a good time as toy figures from Disney Infinity 1, can interact with the new Avengers toys. Since there are still a few months remaining before the 2.0 edition release, game creators hint that there are more characters to come.

But what good of too many characters if there won't be enough space to wander around? The game's new playable environments answer the question. An enormous version of New York City called "Marvel Manhattan" will have so much space to give. The environment is set to be very huge because several new characters in the game will have the ability to fly.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes' will be available in almost every gaming console like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlaysStation 3, Xbox 360,PC, and even tablets and smartphones. Kids and children-at-heart adults will surely enjoy this game.

CREDIT:Disney Infinity/YouTube

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