Discover Apple's Secrets


Unveiling Apple's secrets is absolutely the desire of many and taking a peep in the company's private life surely excites most of the people. If you are one of the company's stalkers, then you shouldn't miss reading Adam Lashinsky's new book.

Lashinsky exposed the life working at Apple and revealed how the company's secretive behavior paid off.

Employees of Apple think there's something big happening as carpenters arrived at the office who started to build new walls and added more doors. Following the modifications in the building are new security protocols being established.

Building windows were being transformed from transparent to frosted. Many rooms don't have windows, which were named lockdown rooms where no data can go in or out without an important reason.

The noise going on in the room disturbs many of the employees.

However, they must not care unless what's happening in that area has been disclosed to them. It's totally none of everyone's business.

Secrecy at Apple comes in two basic structures: internal and external. Obviously, Apple uses the typical kind of secrecy (external) where it hides its products and practices from the outside world especially from its competitors. The internal type is what is tougher to accept.

All firms have their own secrets and ways to hide them. However, Apple sets it up like everything is a secret.

For the company's fresh recruits, secrecy starts even before they figure out which office they'll be working in. Most of the workers are employed into so-called dummy positions, which aren't clearly explained until they become part of the company.

Lashinsky has quoted some of the experiences encountered by employers of Apple and in his book, you'll discover short notes from Apple's previous workers describing their life while performing for the company.

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