DirectX12 Unveiled for Xbox One and Demoed in Forza 5, More 1080p Games Coming

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The Xbox One may be on a roll with improvements and upgrades, following the announcement made by Microsoft during the GDC.

"Xbox One games will see improved performance and we'll bring the same API to all Microsoft platforms," said Microsoft's Anuj Gosalia in a presentation quoted by IGN.

It seems that Microsoft is planning on making DirectX 12 into the API that would allow developers to have higher consistence and predictability when creating games. The end goal is supposedly to have more room for higher end graphics, which could result in better quality games in terms of visuals for the Xbox One in the coming months and years.

"Epic will be working closely with NVIDIA and Microsoft to create a world-class implementation of DX12 in Unreal Engine 4. DirectX 12 is a great step forward, exposing low-level hardware functionality through an industry standard API to give developers more control and efficiency than ever before," said Tim Sweeney of Epic Games.

In addition, Gamingbolt reports that DX 12 is said to enhance the modern graphics chip, and may even improve performance for all Xbox One games. It would be interesting to see where this will take the Xbox One in the console wars.

Forza 5 at its finest

The first game that was demoed to feature the DX 12 was Forza 5, also seen during the GDC presentation.

According to DualShockers, the demo of Forza 5 on the PC was ported from Xbox One D3D11.X to D3D12, hence allowing the 60fps game on the Xbox One to be rendered and replicated on the PC demo.

If this goes as planned, Microsoft may be able to close the gap in terms of performance with the PS4--unless Sony has an answer that could effectively compete with this set-up.

More 1080p games also promised by Microsoft

It may be that quality really is Microsoft's end goal for the Xbox One, as another report also brings up the issue that has tagged along the resolution gate that the Xbox One has always been faced with.

Forbes reports that even though the released games so far on the Xbox One have been sub-par in terms of resolution when compared to the PS4, this may not be the case for long.

"I fully expect that [more 1080p games] to happen," said Boyd Multerer, Xbox director of development, in an interview quoted by Forbes.

Developers may now be trying to figure out how best to work with the ESRAM on the Xbox One for a more efficient data-tuning. Perhaps the resolution gate may be remedied with the upcoming release of DirectX 12, considering that it's expected to improve the games' performance.

It's going to be a wait-and-see approach, but Microsoft seems also bent on covering all their bases. Just recently, the company has unveiled a list of 25 independent games that it's readying to release for the Xbox One, a target base that it previously held strict restrictions for and one that Sony used to have an advantage over with the PS4.

Will this boil down to a continuous face-off between the two top next-gen rivals as they try to one-up one another in various approaches to gaming?

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