'Directioners' React to Kissing Photo of 'Haylor' Duo [PHOTOS]

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Not every new couple that burgeons out of Hollywood has golden reactions from fans especially if it comes from extremely obsessed and overprotective ones.

"Directioners" are known to be overly protective of their One Direction boys to the point where death threats are used against the boys' rumored girlfriends. Well, what would happen if a photo of the most recent "Haylor" duo emerges? How would "Directioners" react?

Screams of disgust and curses have resonated around the world with the latest news of Taylor Swift dating Harry Styles. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have kept their relationship pretty much under complete secrecy over the past months. If fans may recall, Swift had allegedly asked one of the boys of One Direction out during her UK "Red" promotional tour but not a name of whom from the boys was dropped.

Obviously, the boy Swift asked out was none other than Harry Styles. Things have pretty much escalated a bit too quickly in a week. Swift and Styles may have dated before that led to a fall-out due to Styles' cheating dilemmas. Now however, it looks as if the plate has been wiped clean because Swift and Styles have taken a number two at their relationship.

Recently, the couple was spotted hanging out in New York City Park and at the Zoo with Styles' stylist, husband and daughter. Right after, Styles was spotted making the walk of shame outside of Swift's New York Hotel. Things didn't end there because right after One Direction's show at Madison Square Garden's, the boys and Swift ended up at a karaoke bar.

"Haylor" even managed to sing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" together and photos have been spread on Twitter all thanks to obsessed fans. Yet, the photos of the boys singing along with Swift weren't the only photo that emerged online. A photo of what looked to be Swift and Styles kissing also emerged which again caused a lot of enraged fans.

A few sources claim the photo to be a fake but looking closely, the boy resembles Harry Styles iconic curls and Swift's blonde locks. Representatives of the couple still have not spoken up on the issue. Take a look at the photos on the slideshow.

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