Digital Underwear for Long Distance Lovers [Video Demo]

High-Tech Lingerie Using Fundawear; Underwears for Intimacy Over Distances

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Touch your lover over a distance with new innovation over electronic lingerie and underpants called Fundawear. Using tiny vibrating devices similar to smartphones, let it make you feel your partner anywhere in the planet.

Fundawear was commissioned by the Australian division of the condom company Durex. This digital underwear utilises tiny vibrators creating effects similar to "haptic feedback" generated by mobile devices when tapping the screen or performing certain actions.

Vibrations from Fundawear relies to the movements of the owner's fingers touching the smartphone screen connected to the underwear. In this way, you can control the vibrations using your current smartphone as a remote control or pair the panties with your lover's smartphone to simulate fun.

Other sex toy brands used similar technologies for intimate moments between lovers in great distances. Partners can feel each other's movements in real time using digital advancement embedded in their underwear.

Available duo kits include LovePalz which provides the most intense of all sensation using multiple pressure and speed sensors with waterproof feature for only $94.95, and Vibease which acts as a "massager" that hooks up to your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. It also allows chat text with different messaging presets to create custom vibrations.

Fundawear is available to both male and female versions but currently not yet available in the market for purchase. Curious couples may join the testing program as the product goes experimental by visiting the Durex's Australian Facebook page.

Check out the demo video of Fundawear.

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