Didga, the Skateboarding Cat is the Newest Sensation in Aussie Town of Coolangatta [VIDEO]

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(Video Credit: YouTube/CATMANTOO)

Didga is more than just a cat who is from the Aussie town of Coolangatta. He is actually making waves as a skateboarding cat that even Huffington Post thinks it can be interesting to make him the official mascot for the land of Down Under. Does this mean saying goodbye to koalas?

Metro UK also adds that the Tabby cat might as well use most of its nine lives by taking the risks of skateboarding. This feline is not your usual house cat whom you find sleeping around all day. Instead he joins his owner for sessions of skateboarding around their Australian town that has a beautiful beach to boast of.

Didga the cat was even filmed doing several tricks while skating through the streets of Coolangatta and impressing most of his audiences. The YouTube video has even garnered about a million and a half views and still counting. Some of the most interesting comments of netizens to his video are as follows:

Anna Verreussel 

Wow this is really amazing! Awesomeeee :o

Susie Hewer

Loved your film! We read about you and Didga in The Sunday Times newspaper here in the UK.


That's awesome!!! That cat rides better than ME! (A human :p)

Didga was seen not just simply riding the board but also jumping on fences and getting back on the skateboard again. He also leaped over dogs like the Rottweiler named Lucy. However, some viewers think that the skills of the cat are fake and editing work has been done on the video. Some others vouched that even if several camera tricks were done, there were still a good amount of scenes where Didga was seen doing tricks that not the most ordinary cats around can do.

Others also could not help but praise the trainer behind the cat. Watch the video and decide on your own whether Didga is one wonderful Australian cat!

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