Did Prince William Stage an Intervention for the 'Anorexic' Duchess, Kate Middleton? [PHOTOS]


After Kate Middleton's celebrated first speech a couple of weeks ago, critics are eyeing her figure as they noticed a drastic change in her body, with her weight dropping to 93 pounds.

The Duchess 'anorexic' figure has long been an issue since the Royal Wedding, with Middleton showing an obvious weight loss from her days as Prince William's fiancée. Two weeks ago, the Duchess delivered her first public speech and to the eyes of health experts, Middleton's scrawny figure is becoming more and more of a health threat to her.

 "She looks malnourished, Her face appears gaunt. She looks tired." says nutrition expert, Lisa DeFazio to Star Magazine.

It appears that health experts and dietitians from all over the world are not the only ones concerned about the Duchess' health.

It was reported that her husband, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, has staged an intervention to finally put an end to the Duchess' weight loss craze. It was said that the Duke has sought the help of a professional to halt the drastic change of his wife's physique.

"They're worried she's becoming anorexic." says one insider to OK Magazine.

Although there are no royal sources confirming this 'intervention,' many won't be surprised if it really happened. The Duke and Duchess share a tight friendship that allows them to be open to one another in case controversies like this come up.

Before the Royal Wedding took place, Middleton went under the infamous Dukan Diet that made her lose more than 15 to 20 pounds. After the public saw how skinny the Duchess is, many took their chances and practiced the diet despite doctors claiming its high-risk health issues.

View the slideshow to see The Duchess in her drastic weight loss.

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