'Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' for PS4 62GB Download Size Incorrect, Confirms Blizzard Rep

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The PS4 version for "Diablo III: Reaper of Souls-Ultimate Evil Edition" is now available for online download through the PlayStation Store. However, game enthusiasts in Europe may have doubts in purchasing the game digitally since it apparently contains a "special" package that will take the cap off the download bandwidth.

Sony Entertainment Network has listed the UK version of the third installment under a 58.4 GB file download for the PS4 platform. However, a member of NeoGAF forum named CozMick has revealed a surprising size for the game. While the U.S. download is at 26.1 GB, the European version boasts a huge 62.7 GB.

CozMick described the file size as "crazy" while another member claimed it is "criminally large." Other commentators on the forum wondered why the digital version would require such a huge download when the PC game only needed 15 GB.

Apparently, the European version for the PS4 game contains certain packages that take up most of the download size when purchased digitally.

An EU PlayStation Blog commentator named bsolar17 noticed two different file sizes when he installed his online pre-order.

"I have the store set to Italian and I noticed that there are different packages added to the Auto-Download queue after the pre-order," bsolar17 wrote.

While 20.5 GB was allotted for the download installation for the main game, there was another 37.8 GB left. It was reportedly labeled as "'Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition' (Italian)."

Bsolar17 claimed both file sizes were described as "game." A Blizzard employee confirmed the "console version comes with all European languages available."

Gamespot adds the difference in the file sizes for the U.S. and the European versions are the audio files. Aside from the audio support for multiple languages, the game also contains cutscenes for all these languages.

According to the site, PlayStation blog commentators are confused with the large file. It is unclear whether players can choose which version to download. Gamespot reached out to Activision and a Blizzard representative claimed the file sizes provided for the PS4 version of "Diablo III: Reaper of Souls-Ultimate Evil Edition" are incorrect. So far, no further updates were provided.

Source: YouTube/PlayStation Access

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