Devious Maids Season 2 Episode 10 Spoilers: Marisol, Rosie, Valentina and Carmen in More Secrets and Scandals in Beverly Hills [Watch Promo Video]

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"Devious Maids" Season 2, Episode 10, titled "Long Day's Journey Into Night" airs June 22 on Lifetime. This guilty pleasure series produced by Eva Longoria and created by Marc Cherry ("Desperate Housewives") is moving closer to its finale. Marisol, Rosie, Valentina and Carmen are discovering more secrets and scandals in Beverly Hills.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on Devious Maids Season 2. Read at your own risk.

Marisol Suarez (Ana Ortiz) marries Nicholas Deering (Mark Deklin) in Devious Maids Season 2, Episode 9, "The Visit." Marisol barely knows her new husband, and viewers have yet to find out about the big crime in his past. In Episode 10, Nick spills a preview to his horrid past, but Marisol fails to get the full details.

Rosie Falta (Dania Ramirez) finally realizes Reggie (Reggie Austin) is manipulating Kenneth Miller (Willie C. Carpenter). As to the extent of his schemes, Rosie has yet to uncover them all. In Devious Maids Season 2, Episode 10, Kenneth suffers a mysterious fall.

Valentina Diaz (Edy Ganem) finds her new boyfriend Ethan Sinclair (Colin Woodell) injured and bloodied in the street in Devious Maids 2x9. She is about to find out the truth about Ethan's extracurricular activities. In this week's new episode, Valentina runs to Remi Delatour (Drew Van Acker) for help.

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Carmen Luna (Roselyn Sánchez). Roselyn has yet to uncover the truth about Ty McKay (Gideon Glick). Ty goes to extreme lengths to get Carmen's attention in Devious Maids 2x9. This week, however, Carmen's attention is turned to Spence Westmore (Grant Show), who receives some bad news.

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"Marisol is shocked by a secret that Nicholas reveals, while in a pill-induced haze. Meanwhile, Rosie pledges to save Kenneth after a mysterious fall; Zoila forces Genevieve to face her mother; Valentina asks Remi to help Ethan; and Spence leans on Carmen when he gets some bad news," reads the Devious Maids Season 2 Episode 10 spoilers on

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