‘Devil Horns’ Inserted Underneath the Skin to Remove Birthmark

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George Ashman, 5 years old, was born with da istinct red birth mark on his forehead. Called a haemangioma, it is made up of soft lumps of abnormal blood vessels. He underwent surgery and a devil horn-shaped implant was placed underneath the skin of his forehead.

Small inflatable sacks were inserted under his hairline at either side of his forehead. These sacks were inflated. The inflated sacks were filled with natural bodily fluid.

The "devil horns" stretched the unblemished skin and later surgeons removed his birthmark and stitched it with new skin.

According to the Daily Mail, Karen Ashman feared her son would be bullied because of the birthmark and allowed the surgeons to put the horns underneath her little boy's skin.

But she was speechless when she saw the "devil horns." "They were larger than I expected, and placed on either side of his tiny head looked like horns. ... My cute, angel-faced baby looked like the devil," Ashman said.

Now the English boy has only a small scar on his forehead where the blemish used to be.

"What I'm most proud of is that through all this I've seen strength in George that I never had as a child. He's different, but he's himself ... and he has never let it hold him back, " said Ashman.

"My little devil's got guts ... and with or without his birthmark and his horns I'll always love him to bits for that," she added.

"Devil horns" are not the only bizarre treatments in use today. Here are some others:

Fecal Bacteriotherapy

Some doctors say that fecal bacteria can help treat some bowel disorders. According to them, fecal bacteria from a healthy person can be used and liquified. Then it will be given to a sick person via anal insertion.

Helminthic Therapy

Necatur americanus, a kind of worm, is being used in this kind on therapy. It seems to be impossible, but many studies show worms to be effective on some diseases, including immune system disorders, asthma and colitis.

Urine Therapy

Urine is believed to be rich in Vitamin C and other minerals. Some people apply it to their skin because of the belief that it will make the skin beautiful. Urea, a component of urine, is good as an antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agent.


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