Details of John Travolta’s Gay Relationship w/ Pilot to be Heard in Court

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John Travolta and Priyanka Chopra
John Travolta shakes a leg with Priyanka Chopra [Reuters] [Reuters]

Details of the alleged six-year relationship of actor John Travolta with pilot Douglas Gotterba to be heard in court after a court ruled that Gotterba is not bound by a confidentiality agreement when he worked for Travolta's company.

Back in 2012, Gotterba had divulged steamy details of his affair with Travolta. However, Travolta's legal team issued a cease and desist letter caliming that the termination agreement that Gotterba signed stated that he can not reveal information about his work with the company.

"While we believe the Court should have thrown out Gotterba's lawsuit at the outset, ultimately, he will not prevail on his claim. Gotterba points to an unsigned draft agreement, which he now claims is the controlling document in the case, yet he attached as an exhibit to his own complaint the final version of the contract that he signed barring his claim. We are very confident that in the end we will prevail in the action," a lawyer for Travolta told The Hollywood Reporter. 

However, presiding Justice Arthur Gilbert ruled in  favour of Gotterba.

Hence, Gotterba started revealing some passionate detail of his relationship with Travolta in an exclusive interview with Woman's Day.   

"We flew into Monterey, California... and had a wonderful dinner with a fantastic bottle of merlot, and I got the sense I was being courted. As we walked back from the restaurant to the hotel, John suddenly said,  'Hey, would you like a massage?', so I said, 'Sure, why not?," Gotterba shared.

Their relationship started during one time when Travolta offered to massage him. One thing lead to another and he discovered that "John was very passionate."

In the span of their relationship, Travolta takes him to exotic places in Hawaii and Kenya.

"Sometimes he would bring women along as beards, but he would ask me to join him in his suite and we'd spend the nights together. It was our little secret," Gotterba recalled.

Gotterba shared that their six-year affair took place when Travolta was publicly dating Brooke Shields.

"There was no chemistry between [John and Brooke]. They'd smile for the cameras and everyone assumed they were a couple."

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