Destiny PS4 New Gameplay Video Reveals Breakdown of Bungie's Shared-World Shooter

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Destiny beta's launch date is soon to come and the long wait is almost over for fans, supposing this summer's semi-open beta does not get any last-minute postponement.

Just recently, a new teaser from Bungie came out and maybe, it won't make the final countdown to Destiny's public debut look closer than for the last two months. According to the recent post on "The Destiny Alpha has only been made available to Bungie employees." However, in the weeks ahead, media and Electronic Entertainment Expo 3 attendees will get hands-on with competitive multiplayer, "in intense, skill-based arenas."

This summer, Destiny beta's release is getting closer by the day, majority of the fans are probably looking for ways to make July come fast. Unluckily, the up-to-date teaser for Destiny is not expected to be much but it is enough to entice fans and wish Bungie would release Destiny beta by the week's end.

Although, this week's Destiny trailer has barely "everything you need to know" about the studio's first online-only offering, it's not easy to be excited about the latest two-minute mash-up of Destiny gameplay preview. Furthermore, even though a handful of scenes from the teaser have turned up in earlier Destiny trailers already, those who have maintained a close eye on the game over the twelve-plus months will rapidly notice the never-before-seen scenes from the new Destiny campaign.

The current Destiny preview from Bungie also features little scraps of comments from famous associates of the Destiny dev team, comprising community manager David Dague and head of community Eric Osborne. Nobody from the developers proposed any new information about the game just yet, but each did get a minute to talk about the different technique that Bungie is hoping to promote team-play when Destiny makes its retail debut this September.

Unfortunately, at this point, there is still no information on when will be the launch date for the Destiny beta. In fact, one of the things known about the new about Destiny beta is the confirmation that the Destiny servers will come online anytime this July. Meanwhile, regarding the semi-pubic testing period of the game, it has been made public that PlayStation owners will have access to Destiny first, before those playing the game on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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