Destiny Gets More Updates Before Beta Including New Locations, PvP Modes and More

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Gamers Play a Game by Bungie Inc. at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Known as E3, in Los Angeles
IN PHOTO: Gamers play a game by Bungie Inc. at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California, June 10, 2014. REUTERS

Developer Bungie brings in more news a few days before beta kicks off, starting with a string of new locations in-game.

The official Bungie Web site has the images. Some of the destinations that can be explored once "Destiny" is released include the following:

- The Tower, overlooking the last safe city on Earth

- The Cosmodrome, made strange by the passage of time

- The Hellmouth Citadel, many chambers below the surface of the Moon

- The Shattered Coast of Venus, claimed by nature (and Vex)

- Beyond the Buried City, across the crimson dunes of Mars.

More than this, Bungie has also revealed a few more details coming out for the game. GamesCom 2014 will be something to look forward to for "Destiny" fans as the developer promised being present for the event, though it did not reveal what's in store for fans.

For players who are hungry for some details concerning characters and gameplay in "Destiny," the developers have also been equally generous about providing more for this part of the "Destiny" update.

First is trading and selling is basically not allowed in the game—this means players have to earn weapons and gear for themselves, unless they vault them to other Guardians that they control.

"The rewards in Destiny are tied to specific beats of action. We want you to have a personal war story that you can trace back to every single piece of gear in your inventory. The weapons in Destiny are like trophies," said the developer.

Naming characters is also a process in "Destiny" and more than just an easy click of a button. Since players themselves are their character in "Destiny," they can change it to a more personal name by changing their identity at the source.

All that players need to do—at least according to the developer—is to ensure the identity is a meaningful one and friends can easily track them from the "Destiny" forum.

Anyone who will be participating in the "Destiny" beta is allowed by Bungie to share as many times as possible, and in any manner as well. At the same time, should players find any bugs in the beta, Bungie will provide a dedicated forum, which is in the link above as well.

PvP Modes Sighted for 'Destiny'

As the beta for "Destiny" comes nearer, new pieces of information have been rounded up, this time focusing on the modes that will be made available.

PlayStation Lifestyle reports a Reddit user has managed to grab an image of a "Destiny" video which shows off a number of player vs. player modes.

The modes that have been listed include Skirmish, Control, Lockdown, Team and Rumble. "Destiny" developer Bungie has not yet revealed the modes available to players of either the PS4/PS3 or Xbox One/Xbox 360, so there is still a chance that one of the mentioned modes will be played for the beta.

(Credit: YouTube/DattoDoesDestiny)

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