Destiny Beta Release Date for Xbox 360 & Xbox One 1-2 Weeks after PlayStation Starts

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Phil Spencer, Head of Microsoft's Xbox Division and Microsoft Studios, Speaks During the Xbox E3 Media Briefing at USC's Galen Center in Los Angeles
Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division and Microsoft Studios, speaks during the Xbox E3 Media Briefing at the University of Southern California's Galen Center in Los Angeles, California June 9, 2014. REUTERS

Bungie plans to extend the "Destiny" alpha a little bit longer.  As of now, it's not a surprise anymore that Bungie's "Destiny" beta will start this July, and it's really obvious that gamers are already informed that "Destiny" beta will only be available to PlayStation owners for the first two weeks it goes live.

Apart from that, PlayStation owners are not the only ones who are going to experience it first, on Thursday, Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners would also be given access to the forthcoming "Destiny" beta. 

After months of waiting, Bungie at last released information on when exactly will the forthcoming shared-world shooter be available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One for the first time. The news was released less than two weeks after the company's surprise "Destiny" alpha, which was also available to PlayStation owners.

If you are in alpha already, you can test different features of the game. You can play the story-based missions throughout Earth alone or with friends. You can also explore these mission places to get side quests. The Crucible is also available if you want to test your skills against fellow humans.

A new gameplay teaser was released for "Destiny", and was first seen by the people at VideoGamer, before July ends, the game's forthcoming beta will include Xbox 360 and Xbox One users.

The developer of "Destiny" is probably unprepared to be more particular about the Xbox Live debut of the game, and even prepared the fans not to hope too much of the game's beta because it can possibly be delayed. If Xbox Live debut isn't fully sure, that goes same for the PlayStation-exclusive "Destiny" beta which is as of now expected to start on July 17.

But, if ever Bungie doesn't experience any major problems between now and the end of July, it is pretty obvious that Xbox 360 and Xbox One users can expect to join the  "Destiny" beta within a week or two of its PlayStation 3 and PS4 debut.

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