Dennis Lillie Moved Out of Cricket Australia for Not Meeting His Desired Pay

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The legend of Australian fast bowling, Dennis Lillie, moved out of Cricket Australia after the board was unable to meet his payment demands.

Lillie was instrumental to back-up Mitchell Johnson during the time of crisis. The legend helped Johnson to set right his technical problems and even helped morally to boost his confidence.

Lillie also assisted James Faulkner, Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc to set right the pace technique during the practice session at WACA grounds in 2013.

Cricket Australia confirmed they haven't accepted the demand of Lillie.

"Unfortunately Dennis Lillee didn't accept Cricket Australia's offer to renew his contract. He is a great of the game and the door will always be open to him if he wants to return and be involved in any way. We've made a point in recent times of being open to bringing in coaching consultants when required," said a Cricket Australia spokesperson, quoted by Fairfax Media.

Lillie further confirmed over a recent radio interview that he will not provide any training free of cost. However, the individual players have already set a good term with the former coach.

"They [the young bowlers] are good and they do need direction. But at the moment I'm out of contract and as again with Cricket Australia, they're quibbling over an increase, so I don't know if I've got a contract ... Out of the goodness of my heart I am still in touch with [Cummins], he's a good lad and he's got a big future, but I'm over that, I've got other work to do. Not particularly Pat but then everyone comes on board and Cricket Australia think 'here he is, he'll just continue to do it anyway.' So I'm taking a stance," Lillie added.

The row with Lillie and CA was not for the first time, but he came back as a bowling advisor in January 2013 to offer guidance to the current and emerging fast bowlers 

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