Demi Lovato Speaks Up Against Nude Pics—Find Out How Wilmer Valderrama is Helping Her Stay Calm

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The "Neon Lights" singer has been embroiled in a not-so glamorous scandal after a number of nude pictures of her and Wilmer Valderamma surfaced on the internet. The 21-year old is now facing a controversy that includes herself and her longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama and end the former Disney actress is trying to keep it cool even when nude selfies of her showing her intimate poses have been making rounds over the internet.

Demi Lovato is also scared that more racy pictures and videos might be brought to the fore, a source revealed to

"Demi has definitely come to the realization that more pics and even video might be released in the future...She thinks that it will be released around a time that she has something to sell like a song, book or something that goes with her career." The source further mentioned to

Despite the negative backlash that the "Heart Attack" singer has been receiving, Demi managed to post a tweet on her account which was meant to reassure fans that she was strong and that she was handling the situation well.

Through it all, Demi Lovato's longtime partner Wilmer Valderrama has never been but supportive of her. Wilmer Valderrama is said to keep the former Disney star calm and cool despite the embarrassing leakage of nude pictures.

"Wilmer is her rock and he is talking her through this unfortunate experience and making her feel more comfortable with how things should be handled," an insider claimed on "He is calming her and making it not get to her as much as it should. That is why she loves him, he gets her."

The primary leaker of the private information of the couple is said to have done so in the hopes of cashing in on the nude photos of Demi Lovato. There have been a total of two batches of nude photos that have been circulating all around the internet. Despite the nude selfie, Demi is still coming out strong-after serving time in rehab, the nude scandal seems like a speck to Demi's well-being. 

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