Demi Lovato Slams Lady Gaga, Mother Monster's Vomit Artist Slams Back


Demi Lovato takes the lead in accusing Lady Gaga of glamorizing bulimia and other eating disorders by letting an artist vomit on her in the SXSW show, tweeting about how sad artists need to glamorize eating disorders for the sake of "art" and tweeting Lady Gaga directly to ask her not to take dope. Demi Lovato certainly felt strongly about eating disorders and is not afraid to voice these feelings out. Millie, the vomit artist felt compelled to respond and explain the "art" Demi Lovato is attacking. Whether the people are buying it or not is still a question.

Millie shared to TMZ that the puking stint on Lady Gaga's performance was not meant to glamorize bulimia and other eating disorders. The act was not also intended to offend anyone with eating disorder. Rather, Millie put it out there that the puking stint was in fact for a good social cause, to challenge the concept of beauty.

"There's a clear difference between using my body to create something beautiful, to express myself and feel powerful, rather than using it to punish myself and conform to society's standards," Millie stated.

Hollywood Life is not buying it. Nobody doubts the fact that Millie did not intended to 'glamorize' bulimia, seeing that it is a very serious and very sensitive societal issue. However, everyone can criticize the vomit artist for not thinking about this concept very well. the fact that the vomiting was associated with Lady Gaga, the act is already glamorized. Majority of the Little Monsters, or the fans of the enigmatic performer are impressionable young people who after seeing her performance, will think it's cool and feel the urge to copy it.  Even though Millie intended to challenge the concept of beauty, young people will not necessarily see it.

Moreover, Hollywood Life also claimed that although the stint was not designed to offend people with bulimia,  this ended up as the result because making the puking act entertaining and amusing belittles the problems and experiences of the many people suffering from bulimia, who puke and vomit almost involuntarily because of their disorder.

Whether or not the vomit artist and Lady Gaga fashioned the stint to be offensive or entertaining, we cannot really blame Demi Lovato when she chooses to 'Let It Go' and slams Lady Gaga, hard. 

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