Demi Lovato Shows Off New Bird Tattoo: ‘I think they’re beautiful’ [PHOTOS]

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Although she has previously referred to her tattoos as "stupid decisions," Demi Lovato seems happy about her new ink which was professionally done by none other than Kat Von D.

X Factor judge, Demi Lovato, posted a picture of her new tattoo on her official Twitter account. She had her right arm inked with 12 birds and beside it was another handwritten tattoo, "faith."

The singer captioned the photo as "new birdies" which she had done by Los Angeles reality star tattooist, Kat Von D.

"Thank you so much Kat Von D for my new ink!! I think it's beautiful and I love it!!" Demi excitedly gushed.

At just 20, Demi already has 24 tattoos done all over her body. During an interview on "Live With Kelly and Michael" earlier this year, Demi said that one of her inks was just a "spur of the moment" and a "stupid decision."

Apart from that Demi also admitted that she wants half of her tattoos removed.

"I've thought about it before because, you know, when I get older I don't know if I want to have rock and roll on my middle finger," Demi said. "I'm young and I can rock it now and when I get older I can worry about it later."

Demi said that most of her tattoos have personal meanings which are related to her time in rehab and her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Her other tattoos include words that says, "stay" and "strong" on her wrists. She has "you are beautiful" inked on her ribcage and "let God" on her right foot.

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