Demi Lovato is Pissed at Selena Gomez, Thinks She's a "Headache", Real Reason for Twitter Unfollow

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Demi Lovato
IN PHOTO: Recording artist Demi Lovato performs ''Give Your Heart a Break'' during the VH1 Divas 2012 show in Los Angeles, December 16, 2012. REUTERS/DANNY MOLOSHOK

First, Taylor Swift, now Demi Lovato. How many friends would Selena Gomez lose over her reconciliation with Justin Bieber and all the drama that goes with this? On July 2, Demi Lovato reportedly unfollowed long time childhood bestfriend Selena Gomez on Twitter. While many have speculated on the possible reasons why, Hollywood Life currently reports that the main reason is, as anyone guessed, Justin Bieber!

Hollywood Life is saying that Demi Lovato's unfollowing of Selena is a direct message to Selena Gomez over Canadian singer and bad boy Justin Bieber. Demi Lovato is sending the message that she needs Selena to rethink what she's getting herself into. Demi thinks Selena should already wake up, considering Justin Bieber is making outright disrespectful decisions against Selena and she's just letting him.  Hollywood Life reports that Demi is already "pissed" and believes Selena is a "headache."

While the two, especially since they are of the same age, has been close nearly their entire lives starting from their Barney days, Demi is not going to sit idly by and watch Selena self-destruct over a boy. Taylor Swift has been the more vocal one ever since their first reconciliation, but Demi Lovato is stepping up this time in asking Selena Gomez to snap out of whatever reverie she's in on this second reconciliation. Justin Bieber is already cheating her with Chantel Jeffries right on her face and the best that Selena could do is throw a hissy fit. Demi Lovato understands where Selena is coming from, because she also had her issues in the past. She thinks however, that she does not need the extra drama. She learned that a person can only recover from hard issues by letting go of the bad influence in their lives.

 "Demi tried to help Selena with her substance problems and also getting rid of Justin from her life and it is apparent Selena refused to listen to Demi's advice," Hollywood Life exclusively reports."Demi, who has struggled with her own issues, doesn't want a seat on the Jelena roller coaster," the site added.

 "Demi doesn't need any extra drama, she's learned from her own recovery to lose the people that bring her down and Selena is to much of a headache," Hollywood Life's source shares. "The unfollowing of Selena is sending a message that Demi is pissed. She is sick of Selena's boy-who-cried-wolf mentality." 

The same day Demi unfollowed Selena on twitter, she also posted a controversial tweet many thought was meant for Selena. The controversial tweet  read: "Swimming away," "From your bullsh*t," "Bye b*tch."

Demi took the photo down but many already seen it and it also has a screenshot right here.

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