Demi Lovato Offers a Special June Show to Fans, Will Play One-Off Show at Koko in London

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Demi Lovato understands her fans deserves something exclusive and exciting. Thus, she decided to offer a special June show. The "Neon Lights" singer offers to play a one-off show at Koko in London. The singer, who recently concluded a successful tour, announced details of this show on April 8.

Demi Lovato will play Koko in Camden, London on Sunday 1 June, 2014. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 11 April, 2014, according to The singer has recently undergone a lot of controversies, but her megawatt belting prowess shines through all. This special show can certainly cause a stir. Some fans are even willing to fly to London just to see this special show.

A recent controversy involving Demi Lovato and her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama's nude photos getting leaked out on the net is hardly going to ruin her career just like that, especially since Demi herself handled the controversy well.

According to Mail Online, nude photos of Demi Lovato have been leaked on the Internet. The photos showed 21-year old "Skycraper" singer and Wilmer Valderrama in several forms of intimacy and different state of undress. The photos could have taken down a lesser singer but not Demi Lovato.

Mail Online reported that Demi Lovato used twitter to deliver an enigmatic message to her fans pertaining to the incident in Spanish.

Demi tweeted: 'Soy fuerte. Soy luchadora. Asi que no me subestimen.' Translated into English, this phrase means 'I am strong. I am a fighter. Do not underestimate me.' While she did not say anything about the photos in particular, one can deduce this by reading between the lines.

Demi Lovato is not a celebrity to take down easily. Two days before this incident, Lovato shared another tweet that spurred her hatred for malicious tabloid sites. "Can't stand it when people are misunderstood cause of made up bs on sites that BLATANTLY LIE with NO truth 4 the sake of website hits. Smh," Lovato wrote.

The fighter in Demi Lovato is certainly one factor that makes her endearing to her fans. That said, her one time show on London can certainly be a hit.  

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