Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus Unfollow Each Other on Twitter: Friendship Over?

By @ibtimesau on

Uh oh, it seems there is trouble in friendship paradise for former Disney stars, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. After dissing each other on Twitter, both have finally cemented their fight by un-following one another on the social networking site. Exactly what did these two former friends even fight about that led to a huge Twitter un-follow?

Blame Miley Cyrus' BFF, Cheyne Thomas for the drama between her and Demi Lovato. It all started with Cheyne making fun of Demi's substance abuse problems in the past. In fact, he was insensitive enough to post an Instagram video mocking Demi's alcoholism back in December of 2013.

Demi was quick to react to the diss but remained subtle in her tweet which said: "You are who your friends are." Yet, this managed to reach the eyes of Cheyne Thomas that prompted a sarcastic Twitter conversation between him and the "X-Factor" judge. Their conversation is as follows:

Cheyne: "So nice running into you!"

Demi: "You should come by my dressing room.. Sounds super fun right?"

Cheyne: "Stop trying to get famous off me"

Demi: "I can't help it!! You just have SO MUCH going for you!!!!"

Cheyne: "hahaha don't stoop below your level Demi, you're better than this. Hahah it is funny tho :)"

Demi: "hahaha you're so right. Come by my room."

Cheyne: "I think we can get past this. This whole experience has made me like you more."

The tweets have already been deleted and it seems that Demi has moved past the diss. However, fast forward to today, March 2014, news has it that Demi has officially un-followed Cheyne's BFF, Miley Cyrus on Twitter. It was Miley who first clicked on the un-follow button which was then followed by Demi but she certainly sent out a tweet addressing the formers' actions.

"Ain't nobody got time fo dat!!! #pettybullshit #toobusykillingit #cutethough #NEONLIGHTSTOUR," tweeted Lovato.

Obviously, it looks like there won't be a reunion anytime soon between Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Following the big un-follow, "Smilers" and "Lovatics" are sure to be sending out hateful tweets against each other.

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