Demi Lovato and Kendall Jenner Allegedly Feuding

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Demi Lovato entered rehab for eating disorder and self harm. REUTERS

Things are going pretty swell with Demi Lovato after her latest single "Really Don't Care" and her blooming romance with Wilmer Valderrama. However, new reports claim that after her feud with BFF Selena Gomez, Demi is now feuding with model, Kendall Jenner.

Disney stars and models have the mixed relationship such as Kendall Jenner with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Over the weekend, Kendall shared a collection of photo booth outtakes where Miley Cyrus can easily be spotted. From the photos alone, Miley and Kendall are obviously good friends.

The same could be said for Selena Gomez if not for the fact that the songstress had publicly un-followed Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Instagram. The trio were last seen together at the Coachella Arts and Music Festival but a flurry of cheating reports involving Bieber had caused the friendship to fall out.

Now, it appears that another former Disney star has picked a fight with the "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" star. Demi Lovato has been embroiled in rumours claiming she is feuding with the 18-year old model. Yet, the "Neon Lights" was quick to trash the rumours on Twitter.

"What kind of rumors are spreading right now?! Stop with the drama y'all. I got nothing but tons of love for the K&J sisters!!!!" tweeted Demi Lovato.

"One of THE most random rumors I've ever heard actually. Thanks for the laugh!! Hahaha," added Lovato.

Demi was quick to clear up the reports of her alleged feud with Kendall Jenner but she certainly kept mum about her feud with BFF, Selena Gomez. The singer had publicly un-followed Selena Gomez on Twitter prompting reports that the BFFs were once again fighting. Demi has yet to release a statement about the fight.

As for Selena Gomez, the "Come & Get It" singer has found a long lasting friendship with country crooner, Taylor Swift and British model, Cara Delevingne. Selena had spent her 22nd birthday with the model in Saint Tropez, France and enjoyed a girls night out complete with coyotes with Taylor Swift over the weekend.

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