Demi Lovato, Kathy Griffin Twitter War, 'Let It Go' Singer Urges Fans to Chill

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Twitter has always been grounds for wars among celebrities and now trouble is brewing among Demi Lovato, Kathy Griffin, and the “Let It Go” singer’s fans. Demi Lovato defended herself as the 53-year-old comedienne calls her the “Biggest Celebrity Douche” in a recent Twitter chat among the latter’s fans last March 25th. This has yet to be the biggest celebrity Twitter war and followers of Demi Lovato are quick to defend the 21-year-old former Disney star, according to the Hollywood Life.

The Emmy and Grammy Award-winning comedienne was left to deal with dozens of hate mails and tweets from the angry fans of the “Heart Attack” singer. Some of the tweets were not only directed to the comedienne but also to her family. Lovatics wished Griffin to have cancer, be raped, and die among many other things.

The twitter war started after Griffin called Lovato as the biggest celebrity douche after the Pop star criticized Lady Gaga for making bulimia an art as the latter vomited on-stage during her SXSW concert. Lovato received a lot of hate mails for the comment she made on Lady Gaga’s performance but she has taken it all in stride and stood up to her words.

However, the “My Life on the D-List” star still had her humour intact as she retweets and comment on the hate messages she received from the fans of the “Heart Attack” singer. She even disses one of the haters for having been shot down by autocorrect.

The hate that was spreading from both sides was getting out of hand, thus, Lovato opted to urge fans to try and let it go. The former Disney star even deleted a picture of her dissing the comedienne in order to quell the fire.

One of the people who came to the rescue for the “Heart Attack” singer was celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Everyone is now taking sides and it seems the Twitter war might still rage on even as Lovato asked her fans to chill. She even stated that she is against cyberbullying. Both sides are trying to deal with the incident as they defend themselves from various Twitter attacks.

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