Demi Lovato Brings Crowd To Tears and Drives Fans to Throw their Bras

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If Miley is performing in her bra, Demi Lovato had her fans throwing their bras at her. Talk about women empowerment? Demi Lovato, who recently 'shouted' her love for Wilmer Valderrama through Twitter, is given the same warmth and love from her fans, composed mostly of tweens and teens in the form of their bras.

Events where enigmatic singers and actors drove their fans to throw their bras to their idols are not new. Justin Bieber received the same treatment on one his concerts. But for Demi Lovato to get it is a different story altogether. For one, her fans are mostly tweens and teens, so removing their bras in a public arena can be somewhat bothering, for the parents and adults at least.

Aside from making the fans throw their bras, the tween and teen girls were crying and putting up their middle fingers up in the air too. Demi Lovato's fans certainly have their grunge and edginess, just like the singer herself. detailed the whole scenario. As  Lovato sings "Really Don't Care" and reached the lyrics of,  "I'll walk right up to you and put one finger in the air," she was met with at least 15,000 middle fingers too, totally captivated and enthralled by the moment. As bras and the occasional trucker hat were raining on the emotional singer,  Lovato let her Shakira-like hip motions take center stage, promptly leading the sea of girls to roar and cry. One will think that the audience is made up of hormonal boys, but who can really complain about enthusiastic crowds?

Lovato still has to carry out 11 more shows in North America before packing her bags and taking the Neon Lights Tour to South America and made the girls there cry and throw their middle fingers up in the air, along with their bras.

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