Demi Lovato Admits to Being a 'Crybaby'

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Demi Lovato is an emotionally-charged person, she said so herself in so many ways. Not that it's not obvious, since all her songs seem so heartfelt that fans cannot help but be touched with each of her songs. Her latest hit single, "Let It Go", which was used in the hit Disney movie "Frozen," touched so many that it's nominated as the Best Original Song at the 2014 Oscar ceremony in Hollywood.

However, despite all the fans and appreciation, Demi Lovato admits to crying a lot and cursing a lot. First, she admits she is a cry baby and cries all the time, even though people are actually nice to her. She cries when hurt and cries when happy. The award-winning singer weeps even when receiving compliments. According to The Mirror UK, after receiving a heartfelt compliment from a friend, Demi proceeded to cry. She said: "I'm so emotional. I cry all the time. One of my friends told me how proud she was of me and how I've come so far [and that's the last time I cried]."

Aside from crying a lot, on even the littlest of things, Demi admitted in her recent interview with Dish Nation that her emotions are rarely in check because her biggest flaw is cussing. And not the ordinary swearing and cursing that is done by a normal human being who does not like what he or she sees either. Demi claimed, "For me, I cuss like a sailor, so that probably isn't the best example of being a role model, but f**k it, whatever."

If Demi has insecurities and acts like a normal human being that cries and curses, she certainly hides it well enough. Looking at her belting it out on her performances, you will never think she has nerves. But that too, according to Demi, is not the case. "I get really nervous and insecure when I play guitar or piano on stage," she said. "My friend said, 'Don't think about it too much, just play.' "

Who knew Demi Lovato is just like any other girl? The year opened to her winning two People's Choice Awards. And now, the Disney star and X-Factor judge cannot be more thrilled that her song is up for an Oscar. Crying and cursing can hardly diminish her megawatt singing prowess.

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