Dell's XPS 18 AIO Successfully Combines a Tablet and a Desktop, Haswell Ultrabooks Are No Match?

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A 24-inch all-in-one computer appears like the next best desktop replacement but Dell's XPS 18 AIO is not the case. More than just a desktop replacement, the device combines the features and functionalities of a desktop and tablet. It may even give Haswell ultrabooks a run for their money. 

Dell is stepping it up. 

XPS 18 All-in-One desktop offers a desktop and tablet platform. It has a size along the range of a desktop computer but it also features touch screen functions making it appear like an oversized tablet. The device measures 463.6 mm x 283.7 mm x 17.7 mm. 

As per dimensions, the XPS 18 is larger than the regular 17-inch laptop. Ultrabooks measure around 11 - 13.3 inches. As for weight, it is lighter at 2.2 kg including the solid state drive. Many laptops weigh around 2.3 kg when the standard hard drive is included. Dell's latest offering does not just boast of lesser weight. 

It can do a lot more. 

Just like similar models, users can customize the specifications of the XPS 18 AIO. This means giving an equal assessment on every component of the device may be hard to do. For instance, standard models feature 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Pentium 2117 U processor. However, people can also choose to upgrade the model with a 2 GHz dual-core Intel Core i7-3537U processor. 

This means, the overall performance of the computer will depend on the configurations and whether is satisfies the need of the user or not. The XPS 18 AIO features a complete HD 1920 x 1080 screen. The display is also packed with an Intel HD Graphics 4000. This offers users smooth animations and exceptional graphics. The speakers, on the other hand, provide a rich, clean audio preventing sound distortion even when on full volume. 

The new laptop-tablet hybrid from Dell also features a multi-touch screen. This means it can respond to multiple contacts or commands on the screen. Users who have not been able to take advantage of this feature on their smartphones will find it useful on their computing device. 

The Dell XPS 18 runs on 64-bit Windows 8. Users can choose to have 8GB of RAM, 32GB SATA solid-state drive, 500GB SATA 5400 rpm hard drive and similar components depending on their preferences. 

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