Delays to Plague Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Following its MWC 2014 Debut on Feb 24 – Reports

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Samsung Galaxy S5 concept image
Samsung Galaxy S5 concept image Ivo Maric via Concept-Phones

Loads of killer specs and features will banner the Galaxy S5 release date this year but according to new reports, Sammy fans can also blame the same exciting offerings for the likely delays in the global distribution of the new Android device.

While the Galaxy S5 Unpacked will go ahead as planned on Feb 24, coinciding of course with the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, BGR has reported that it may take some time before buyers will get their mitts on the actual unit.

The big possibility is delays will mar Samsung's release plans for the GS5 and the main culprit would be the bunch of upgraded features that the device is designed with, said the same BGR report, citing ZDNet Korea as source.

Take the report, for instance, from CNET UK, which claimed that the Galaxy S5, the regular edition that is, will take a page from the tough and rugged Galaxy S4 Active. Out of the box, the GS5 will be both dustproof and water resistant.

Obviously, the element-repelling capability of the GS5 is Samsung's way of matching the robust features that Sony had popularised last year with the Xperia Z.

Then according to SamMobile, the Galaxy S5 is packed too with insanely great camera functions, starting off with a 16MP rear lens sensor that reportedly will capture 4K UHD clips at 30fps and Full HD vids at 60fps.

And perhaps to reflect what the Galaxy S4 Zoom has showcased last year, the GS5 cam will have a dedicated that disappears when not in use (similar to the Apple patents that surfaced in 2013). The same key is located on the right side of the device, SamMobile added on its report.

Now when lumped with the earlier reported features of the Galaxy S5, there is no doubt that Samsung is fashioning out a beautiful beast that will bump off the Galaxy S4. But the question begs: How soon this monster will be uncaged?

Going back to the BGR report, it appears that Samsung's supply chain players are not too confident that the Galaxy S5 will come out as scheduled because even this late, "the company (Samsung) may change some of the peripheral features of the Galaxy S5 while retaining core features."

And as of press time, component parts order from the South Korean tech giant is yet to be finalised, added the same report.

"If they place orders at the end of this month or early next month, the handset will be commercialized around the end of next month at the earliest," ZDNet Korea was reported by BGR as saying.

In such a situation then, the Galaxy S5 can only be expected to ship out in late March 2014 and likely hit store shelves in early April. That should be more than a month after the GS5 MWC 2014 preview next week.

No comments so far have been issued by Samsung on the matter though some analysts have been forecasting in the past few weeks that the Galaxy S5 release date could be as late as April 2014.

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