'Death of Superman Lives' Trailer Released—Producers Request Funding From Fans [Watch Video]

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Nicolas Cage was supposed to play the superhero in the movie "Superman Lives." But the movie was later cancelled despite all the work that went into the movie. A fan-backed documentary by writer and director Jon Schnepp explains why the movie did not take off.

The movie "Superman Lives" envisioned a totally different superhero. The producers had also designed a new suit and wanted to make the character very vulnerable. The movie reportedly wanted to bring a tragic element to the movie.

Nicholas Cage is seen in the trailer of "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?" saying that he was going to turn the character upside down in the movie. The movie did not want to focus on the super powers of the hero but focus on him being an alien.

The documentary "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?" is a crowd-funded project and has already been able to get over $100,000 from more than 2,000 supporters. But the producer says he underestimated the costs involved and is seeking an additional $85,000 to complete the film. The additional funding will go towards legal fees, final music mix and animation, etc.

The documentary will showcase interviews with Tim Burton, the original director for the film, and Kevin Smith, the original writer for the film. The documentary will also show archived footage of Nicholas Cage and interviews from other people involved in the project.

Readers should note the documentary may not attempt to make the film for the fans but show the process the developers went through while making the movie about 15 years ago. The documentary will, however, explore the ideas and legends of the Superman character in the movie.

"The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?" documentary will explore the plot of the movie which included the Brainiac Skull Ships, Rainbow Robot costumes, Giant Spider and Polar bears. The superhero was also said to not have the ability to fly in the movie.

The producers hope to launch the "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?" at a Comic convention followed by a worldwide release. The documentary was originally slated to be released by the winter of 2013. But the producers say the additional content for the documentary has pushed the release date.

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