Death Hoax on Facebook: San Diego Couple Falls Victim to a Post Claiming a Family Member Died from a Gas Leak

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Facebook has been a way for family and friends to be in touch or connected. However, a San Diego couple became victims to the cruel death hoax posted on the social media site claiming that a family member died.

Joel Ladrido shared that he and his wife, Claire, were shocked when they read a Facebook post claiming Joel's sister and her husband died from a gas leak in their home. According to the post, George and Liezl Castilleja died from an alleged gas leak at 11 am and family members are asked to contact the Chief Medical Examiner regarding the cause of death and the burial arrangements.   

According to the Jobs & Hire report, the couple saw the Facebook post while they were having dinner and immediately contacted Joel's sister. No one was answering their calls so Joel Ladrido decided to call the authorities.  

The Facebook post caused a lot of panic for the couple so Joel and Claire decided to rush over his sister's home. "He's on the phone with 911 on one cell phone and on my cell phone he was calling family from the Philippines, from Guam, from Hawaii," Claire described her husbands' actions while they were heading to Liezl's house.  

Joel Ladrido further admitted that his main concern was what will happen once his parents found out about the horrible news. When the couple arrived at Liezl's home, six police vehicles and a fire truck responded to the emergency call that Joel placed via 911.

Then, Joel Ladrido received a phone call from his sister who is still alive and well. "It was my sister. It was my sister's phone. At that point I'm just, are you ok?  Where are you at?" Joel Ladrido shared in the 41 KSHB Kansas City report. Click HERE to watch the video.

Joel further shared that he does not typically cry but he just completely broke down with the horrible news. "It was hard to handle my emotions," Joel Ladrido stated. The mystery now is who posted the death hoax on Facebook.

Joel Ladrido believes someone hacked their relative's Facebook account and posted the cruel death hoax. At the moment, the family has no idea who would do such a thing but the motive was clear: the post was made to prank the couple.

"Unfortunately there are people out there who get a kick out of stressing people out, I really don't know," Claire Ladrido declared. Even though the couple was thankful that the message was a sham, they were still upset because the panic and pain that they felt was very real.      

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