Deadly Snake Bites Aussie Rod Sommerville; Man Calmly Drinks Cold Beer While Waiting for Help

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An Australian man who was bitten by a deadly snake waited calmly for an ambulance while drinking a cold beer to pass the time. The 54-year-old man, Rod Sommerville, was bitten by Australia's deadliest eastern brown snake on the finger. The world's second most poisonous snake bit Mr Sommerville while he was working on his garden at his home oin Yeppoon, Central Queensland.

Mr Sommervillle used a shovel to hit the snake on its head then called an ambulance. According to the Herald, he drank a cold beer while waiting for the paramedics to pick him up. He did not bother to wake up his son who was sleeping on the couch the entire time.

When asked why he was so calm, Mr Sommerville said panicking will only "make it worse." He thought if he was going to die soon, he might as well have a beer.

Mr Sommerville suffered an allergic reaction to the anti-venom given to him, so he spent four days in the hospital's intensive care unit. It has been three weeks since the snake bite incident, but he's still in recovery. He said his body's reaction to the anti-venom had almost killed him as well.

According to reports, Australia gets over 3,000 cases of snake bites every year, but less than five on average turned out to be deadly.

The eastern brown snake that bit Mr Sommerville is known for its potent venom and aggressive behaviour. In November 2013, a woman in Australia had died after she was bitten by the eastern brown snake on the ankle.  

Snake encounters are not new in Australia. Just last week, images of a snake swallowing a crocodile near Mount Isa went viral. The battle between the snake and the crocodile at Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa was caught on camera by the locals, according to a BBC report. The snake measured approximately 10 feet and was believed to be a python.

Locals saw how the snake coiled itself around the crocodile as both creatures struggled in the water. When the crocodile finally succumbed to its death, the snake dragged its body back to land and began to eat it.

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