Dead Rat Found Inside A Birthday Cake Of 96-Year-Old Man

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After discovering a dead rat inside his cake, it turns out to be a very "unhappy birthday" for a 96-year-old man.

Family members of Joseph Vallenti, 96, recalled how they found a dead rat inside the cake of their birthday celebrator, Huffington Post wrote.

According to the Neil Gold, who is dating Vallenti's niece, they bought the old man's favorite cake right in time for the special occasion. The German Apple Ring Cake was purchased from the King Kullen grocery located in Commack, New York.

When Things Got Wrong

Something odd was noticed with the cake after tasting it. Vallenti claimed he suffered from diarrhea after eating it. It was when one of them noticed something protruding from the cake's confection, which turned out to be a rat's tail about 5 inches long.

With the help of Mr Gold's lawyer, the family requested for an investigation from the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets.

The lawyer said the birthday guy may not have contracted food poisoning but it is still necessary to let the cake be tested, The Denver Channel wrote. He added he personally thinks the cake was tampered.

As for the grocery's take...

An official statement from the grocery was also released. It read as follows:

"Product has been removed from the bakery and the premises have undergone a thorough inspection. There are no known safety or rodent issues in this bakery."

Other Messy Food Scenarios

This is not the first time that such odd things were discovered in the most ordinary types of food. Here are some other instances from the previous years:

- A woman claimed to have found a bird's feather in her McNugget in March 2012.

- A bus driver almost choked to death after having found a coil in his two chicken breasts in January 2012.

- A grocery store employee pleaded guilty for being given a yogurt sample with semen.

- A woman from Louisiana charged Applebee for damages with her claim that she found a fingertip in her lunch salad.

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