'DC' Superheroes 'Wonder Woman' and Other Hero Stand Alone Films Yet to be Decided After 'Justice League' Film [VIDEO]

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Warner Bros. finally confirmed on creating a "Justice League" movie, right after the much awaited "Man of Steel 2" sequel set for 2016. Rumours about other DC Universe superheroes surface and official statements are not yet conclusive for more hero film adaptations.

Warner Bros. President Greg Silverman, confirmed to Wall Street Journal on Sunday that the studio will be definitely making a Justice League movie. There are no official announcements for date of production, cast, and other relevant information about the movie. Silverman added that finishing the still-untitled Man of Steel sequel is top priority.

Warner Bros. plans on releasing a fully packaged "all-star" superhero movie first before developing smaller solo-hero stand alone films. This puts in exception the first two prominent DC heroes "Superman" and "Batman" who had their own films already. News for film adaptations of "Wonder Woman," "The Flash," "Aquaman," and more will depend on the popularity their characters will gain from the Justice League film.

As film enthusiasts compare Marvel and DC's pattern in making superhero films, DC comics seems to be taking a different approach. Before "The Avengers" in 2012, Marvel has first released stand alone superhero flicks to introduce characters to the audience. Warner Brothers will first release Man of Steel 2, that includes the first appearance for Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and "Cyborg" (rumoured to be played by Ray Fisher or Victor Stone). This will be followed by the recently-confirmed Justice League film that will introduce more superhero characters on-screen.

Warner Bros. will then gauge the audience's response to the lesser-known superheroes and later decide to make stand alone films for them.

According to MTV News, should Wonder Woman ever make it to the big screen, another DC superhero will precede her. Warner Bros. told the Wall Street Journal that they are actively developing movies based on the DC comics "Shazam," "Metal Men," "Fables," and "100 Bullets."


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