'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Things Getting Hot And Heavy Between Abigail And EJ?

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According to reports, new details have come out on NBC's hit series, "Days of Our Lives." Many things on the show are set to get hot and heavy for the week starting Feb. 10.

Kate will be flustered as she gets more than she really bargained for. The big question is where does she go from here? Abigail will not feel exactly comfortable when she has to face off against people like Sami but E.J. will try and play aloof with the situation.

Nicole will be stunned at a shocking discovery while Eric is faced with a very important choice to make. Abigail and E.J. will feel hot and heavy with one another while Gabi, Kate and Sami will also get quick a shock. Both of them will be winners and losers when it comes to finding romance on Valentine's Day for different cast members.

Nicole and Daniel will decide to hunt down Dr. Chyka. They will track down his hideout and get ready to make their move. It is finally do or die. They will corner Kristen's Dr. Chyka who almost cooperates and starts talking. They will hit a snag as Stefano's armed and dangerous thug arrives with orders from the Phoenix. Nicole's and Daniel's mission takes a dangerous turn and the drama spirals out of control quickly.

Abigail cannot get E.J. out of her system and starts to lose it. She warns Adrienne to mind her own business, blasting Adrienne for gossiping about her and E.J. to Jennifer. Adrienne starts to wonder. Brady decides to crash at Dan's house where he could drown all his sorrows. JJ is worried that his luck is running out but Theresa loses. She falls right in his trap and gets sidetracked by partying Brady at Dan's place. Theresa is out for blood and Brady will do.

DiMera mansion seems like a house of cards. Sami comes home early and stumble upon a secret at the mansion. E.J. scrambles to hide the truth from Sami while Hope makes another disastrous meeting with Aiden. Kate breaks inside Jordan's apartment and makes a stunning discovery. Nick continues to conspire while a fellow priest gives Eric some useful advice.

NBC's Days of Our Lives airs Mondays through Fridays at 1:00 p.m. ET.

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