"Days of Our Lives" Spoilers March 17: Abby's Pregnancy Test Results Are In, E.J. Wants to Keep The Baby

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Fans have been anxious for Abby's (Kate Mansy) pregnancy test results but there are a lot of other developments for this week's "Days of Our Lives" spoilers that will just make them want to fast it forward. Daniel confronted Nicole over the evidence he's found while Liam will have a surprise for Theresa. This week will also reveal some romance as Nicole tries to seduce Eric (Greg Vaughan) but will he buy it? Hope and Aiden will agree on something while Kate and Stefano have dinner.

E.J. (James Scott) was forced to hide onto a window ledge when Sami (Alison Sweeney) almost caught him and Abigail in a private conversation. Sami has been very nice to Abby possibly because she's also been young and pregnant and has committed some mistakes in the past as well. As soon as she told Abby that her mother, Jennifer might not be too excited about her possible pregnancy news, Abby quickly defended her mother and said she is nice and considerate. Sami confronted E.J. about the real reason why she thinks her boyfriend has been sneaking around. It appears that she still does not know about the affair and though he was relieved for a while, he was still mortified by what Sami said.

Daniel (Shawn Christian) will confront Nicole (Arianne Zucker) over the evidence he's found that proves she has not been telling the truth to Eric. Once Eric learns about the truth, it will certainly end the couple's already complicated relationship so Nicole is forced to convince Daniel that she does not know what he was talking about. Meanwhile, Daniel's girlfriend (Melissa Reeves) is also one step closer to knowing who has been sending her hate mail and terrible comments on the hospital Web site.

According to Hollywood News Daily, Abby has been worried about what E.J. will do if she is pregnant but it seems that E.J. is not putting Abby into any pressure and if pregnant, might even be there for his child. The pregnancy test results will be out this week but until then, Abby and E.J. will live in limbo trying to know what they would do in either situation. Is Abby carrying a DiMera baby and will she go through all the consequences because of it? Will Sami finally learn her fiancé's secret?  

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