'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Jordan Reveals Her Past with Ben's Arrival?

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Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove) returns to SPD with and apologizes to Hope (Kirstian Alfonso) for assuming conclusions, admitting he was a "jacka**" and understand how difficult it is to raise a child. However, Aiden wrongly assumes that Hope decided not to give Ciara the expensive earrings. Hope gets upset and the two begin to fight again even as they try to work together.

It also looks like Jordan Ridgeway's (Chrishell Stause) secrets are about to be revealed on "Days of Our Lives." The physiotherapist that has been helping Rafe (Galen Gering) wound up and recover in his bed is forced to face her mysterious past because her brother, Ben (Justin Gaston) is now in Salem. Her past has always been a mystery to everyone and she seems to get upset every time someone asks her about it.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) spots Rafe and Jordan inside a pub and goes in to congratulate Rafe for not having to use his cane anymore. She talks to Jordan about her past with Rafe and how she feels very protective of him. She asks Jordan to promise never to hurt Rafe, to which Jordan replied saying she only wants to make him happy. Jordan leaves and Kate admits that she is issuing Jordan a warning.

Kate sneaks inside Jordan's house and finds a box of fake ID's, proving that Jordan has been hiding her identity. Kate then hired a private investigator to spy into Jordan's past only to learn that Jordan is a clean slate and has nothing to hide. Now that Jordan's brother, Ben has just arrived, she may not be able to hide her past completely for much longer. Ben is threatening to unveil whatever secret she has been hiding, whether good or bad.

Meanwhile, Gabi (Camila Banus) deals with Nick's (Blake Berris) taunts as he tries to take advantage of her insecurities before heading out on a date with Tad (Brendan Coughlin). Later, Tad calls to cancel their date and says the tickets fell through. Once they hung up though, Nick pretends to feel bad and suggests that Kate might just be able to get them tickets. Gabi is not sure if they should go out together because of Sonny and Will so Nick takes off as Gabi mutters, saying she will not lose her daughter no matter what.

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