'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers Feb. 10: How Will Sami Go and Will E.J. Continue His Affair with Abigail?

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This week on "Days of Our Lives" is going to be intense as E.J. (James Scoot) unsuccessfully keeps his affair with Abigail (Kate Mansi) under cover. Despite his attempts to end their affair now that Sami (Alison Sweeney) is back, E.J. will not be able to turn down Abigail when she becomes obsessive and refuses to break up with him.

However, the affair will extremely be troubling for E.J. when someone notices him and Abby together in Salem. This person will know his secret and decide to bypass him, going straight for Sami to expose the truth once and for all. E.J. could be forced to end his cheating ways because of this.

Theresa (Jen Lilley) will also have it rough in the coming weeks because nothing will seem to go her way. She will try to blackmail Daniel (Shawn Christian) to have sex with her but failed because he actually thinks she's crazy. She ends up hooking up with Brady (Eric Martsolf), who hooks up with her only because he wasn't excited to see Eric (Greg Vaughan) at this time. Jordan (Chrishele Strause) and Rafe (Gale Gering) will be followed because someone thinks they are up to something not good.

Meanwhile, "Days of Our Lives" will undergo a major change because Alison Sweeney is soon leaving the show. According to reports, Alison said it was difficult for her to leave but promised to exit the show with a bang. "Sami has been through a lot and certainly caused her share of trouble so I imagine she isn't going to exit with a whisper. It will be some sort of a bang," said Alison.

She shared how the people on "DOOL" are already like family to her, especially that she is leaving after 21 years onboard. However, she would appreciate some quality time with her own family as well.

Soap opera characters often come and go, with new actresses replacing veteran ones but after such a long time, fans already find it difficult to see anyone else play Sami. Based on their comments, DOOL fans seem to hope the show does not go that route. At this time, plans for Sami are still unknown because Alison won't be leaving until the end of 2014.

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