'Days of our Lives' Spoilers: E.J. Avoids Sexual Temptation With Abigail, Who Will Return to Salem?

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"Days of our Lives" fans mostly love E.J. (James Scott) and dislike Nick but Gabi (Camila Banus) just said true things, comparing the two men to Sami (Alison Sweeney). E.J. has always done something better than Nick even if Nick has her wrapped around his finger again. Gabi does not want to put the blame for having Nick's head bashed in and shoved in an icy river and Nick is just making her believe that.

Gabi now believes Nick, who attempted to blackmail, manipulate and rape her, has already changed. She is also ready to put Sami and Kate (Lauren Koslow), who put their future on the line for her, in danger. Sonny (Freddie Smith) says Gabi is easy to manipulate and weak but Gabi now loves Nick. However, Will might get a good lawyer to file for joint custody even before Gabi could plan to run off with Nick and the baby.

Meanwhile, Sami and E.J. look blissful as they plan their wedding. E.J. is also happy to hear about Sonny and Will's engagement. Though Sami and E.J. look very much in love, it is a shame we all know it won't last. Despite being crushed by E.J. telling her he's in love with Sami and that they have fully reconciled, even sleeping in the same bed together, Abigail (Kate Mansi) will feel even more determined to get him back. She will push for it and there will be huge repercussions.

Nicole (Arianna Zucker) guarantees her future with Eric (Greg Vaughan) so they can move on and start a life together. Gabi gets into a fight with Sonny after he accuses her of throwing Sami and Kate under the bus.

Jennifer wants to rekindle the romance with Daniel but he worries Theresa is still a threat. The person that spies on Jordan and Rafe will be revealed while Hope gets into a conflict with Aiden when he makes a wrong assumption. Marlena is said to make a deal with the devil and John Black will return. His return will be about trying to repair the damage to his relationships with Marlena and Brady. Brady will get a little closer to Theresa but soon they will spiral downward together. Someone from Jordan's past will arrive in Salem.

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