‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: 'DOOL's’ James Scott’s Exit Planned; Find Out What Happens to EJ DiMera

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NBC's long-running, fan-favourite daily soap opera "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL or Days) is undergoing some major cast shakeup. In the past, few actors who portrayed vital characters have announced their exit. This left fans shocked and anxious. In Jan. 2014, Alison Sweeney announced her departure, which was followed by announcement of James Scott's exit in May. [Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!]

James Scott and Alison Sweeney portrayed show's central characters. Scott has played the role of the son of crime lord EJ DiMera for eight years. As for Sweeney, she portrayed Sami Brady ever since the character first appeared on the show. She was celebrating her 21st year in "Days of Our Lives" when Sweeney spilled the beans on the sets of "Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Jan. 21, 2014, according to New York Daily News.

As for Scott's exit, it was backed by a controversy. On his spring vacation to Peru, Scott "hung out with shamans and smoked hallucinogens," reported Showbizspy411. It was inferred consuming hallucinogens may have influenced his decision of abruptly quitting the show.

Ever since the news came out, fans have been anxious about exiting storylines of these actors' characters. Not much is known about how Sami would be written off the script. As for Sami's fiancé EJ DiMera, fans have been quick to pick some clues that maybe indicating James Scott's exit.

Even though there are no confirmations of how he will exit the show yet, fans have picked some hints to conclude that. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, a photo of Sweeney on one of her last taping days in the DiMera mansion holds possible leads. The picture that shows Sweeney posing in DiMera mansion also shows a photo of EJ in the background with what looks to be an urn. Fans are assuming that EJ may be killed off in the end.

It is said Scott's announcement was so sudden that writers were left with no time to script an appropriate soap-opera- style exit for EJ. In such a scenario, killing EJ appears to be the next best alternative what they may have opted for.  James Scott is replaced or EJ DiMera is killed remains to be seen. What do you think? Will he be killed off or a new actor will take over the iconic role?

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'Days of Our Lives' Casting Spoilers: James Scott Exit 'Days'; Actor Smoked Hallucinogen? Find Out What's in Store for EJ DiMera

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