Days of our Lives Recap and Spoilers: A Seminar in Sleaze

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EJ goes after Abigail into the hospital supply closet and locks its door. This is a dangerous game, which he warns she will lose.

Meanwhile, JJ hands a University Hospital check for Theresa Donovan to Bev.

Theresa calls Daniel to invite him for dinner and discuss her overdose but was turned down. Eric drops by and realizes there's no hope in recovering the lost information on his case. He feels like he's lost his chance and leaves.

Nicole then edits Eric's interview at the Brady's Pub. Miles arrives and asks what's the about her and the priest. She calls them friends and he made fun of Kristen DiMera. Nicole thinks he can give a seminar in sleaze. Nicole slaps him after saying he'd hate to see her in a priest's bed. He leaves just as Daniel arrives, just in time for Nicole to tell him she admitted to Eric that she and Dan are not dating.

Kate left her scarf at the DiMera mansion and tells Stefano it is a nightmare to be there. He asks her out for dinner but when turned down, they struggle over her scarf.

Nick then caught Gabi alone in the park. Gabi attempts to hit him with a rock as Nick asks her about their talk in the square. He asks if she wanted him out of her life forever and she shakes her head. He then asks for a clean slate.

Meanwhile, Theresa takes a call from JJ at the hospital. He asked her to meet him at his place. She agrees and almost runs into Bev on her way out. In the closet, EJ then tells Abby that Nick's fine and back. He caresses her chest and neck, grabs and kisses her hard. They start going at it but somebody tries to get inside the room. They dress quickly as EJ hides and Abby gets the door. Meanwhile, Bev gets the candy striping job in Anne's office and texts JJ to get Rory to make a scene. She puts the check in Theresa's inbox soon as Anne steps out.

Eric prays at St. Lukes and is found by Father Louis. Eric informed him that the medical results to prove Kristen DiMera drugged him to bed are lost but Father Louis is still hopeful. Eric admits he loves Nicole but is still clueless how to go about it and Father Louis says the bishop has a direct order for him.

At JJ's, he tells Theresa he Googled Nicole. This exasperated her and calls him lame. They started fighting. Theresa starts to think JJ is up to something. Roman arrives and demands to know why Theresa was there. Roman warns JJ to stay away from her.

Eric then finds Nicole and Daniel at the Pub. Daniel apologizes for lying about his relationship with Nicole, who stares at Eric's collar. He tells her he's going on a retreat to think about his future.

Meanwhile, Stefano tries to talk to EJ at home but EJ is stressed. JJ goes to the hospital and looks for Theresa. She accuses him of following her, glancing nervously at Anne and Bev. From the square, Roman calls Daniel to ask if Dr. Duval is a real doctor. Daniel is not sure and sees the list of doctors who could have drugged Eric. Nearby, Nick stops Kate.

Next on Days of our Lives: Hope has another intense meeting with Aiden and JJ scrambles to get Theresa off track.

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