Days of Our Lives (DOOL) July 21-25 Spoilers: Updates on Eric and Nicole Hookup, Sami, Daniel, Jennifer, Brady, Theresa and More

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"Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) fans would not want to miss the week of July 21-25. As the show moves on, the storylines are slated to take dramatic twists and turns. Once again Nicole and Eric will take the front, while Sami continues to stick to her mission. A lot is going to happen in the upcoming episodes of NBC's long-running daytime soap opera. So what happens next?  Here are few spoilers from "Days of Our Lives (DOOL) for July 21-25 episodes. Head inside to find out the details. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "Days of Our Lives (DOOL) for July 21-25 episodes. Read at your own risk.

In past few weeks, things have not been too smooth for most of the Salem City couples. As for the future, tension continues to grow and drama escalates. Based on the spoilers by Soap Opera Fan, in the coming week "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) picks up from where it left.

According to the spoilers report, the week begins with Eric's meeting with the Bishop. He is keen on returning to the church and living his dream. At the same time, he is confused about his feelings for Nicole- whom he dumped after he found out the truth about her hideous acts. Forgetting everything, Eric and Nicole share a moment of passion. But will this be the end of tensions between the former flame?

Elsewhere, sparks fly and "sexual tension" increases, when Hope and Aiden are compelled to share "close quarters." However, Ciara's invitation to Aiden leaves Hope devastated.

JJ takes Paige on a date. But things take an unexpected and "terrible turn." Meanwhile, Sami's family is not happy with her. Turns out, they are not supportive of the way she has "been handling things." The report notes that Sami "comes in for some tough love from Caroline." Sami is forced to answer some "hard questions" which leads to her "breakdown."

Will arrives and shares his opinion. He asks his mother to put an end to her feud with Abby. Meanwhile, Theresa starts to feel insecure again. In order to avoid digressing from her plan "she decides to make a desperate move."

Other Highlights From Days of Our Lives (DOOL) July 21-25 Episodes (Spoilers)

Jennifer finds herself flustered when she discovers Daniel and Eve's increasing closeness.  According to She Knows, Jennifer confronts both of them. Ben makes a rare and "big confession" to Abigail. Jordan bumps into Clyde, but this leaves Jordan disturbed. Brady tells Maggie about his "life-changing" decision. And at the end of the week, Eileen Davidson's Kristen makes a shocking return.

Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) airs weekdays at 1 pm on NBC.

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