Days of Our Lives (DOOL) August 4-8 Spoilers: Updates on Daniel and Kristen, Eric and Nicole, Sami’s Plan and Jennifer and Eve

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Drama continues to stir on "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) in the upcoming week of August 4. In the past, fans have witnessed several game-changing and unanticipated twists and turn. Based on the spoilers for the next week, the show continues to do the same as the storylines take an intriguing turn. Sami continues to move on with her destruction plan, Kristen has returned and Nicole tries to find a way back into Eric's heart. Here is come information on August 4-8 episodes of "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL). Read on to find out what happens next. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from August 4-8 episodes of "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL). Read only if you want to learn more about it.

The month of August promises to bring some explosive episodes. Picking up from where it left, the week at Salem City begins with Daniel and Kristen drama.

Soap Opera Fan has presented a detailed spoilers report on upcoming episodes of "Days of Our Lives." The scoop by the publication suggests confrontation between Kristen and Daniel. Kristen's surprising return left everyone shocked. And fans know that her return means trouble for some residents of Salem City.

According to the report, when Daniel finds out about Kristen's return, he leaves no stone unturned to make Kristen "pay for her crimes." He is determined to even scores with her and bring out her truth.

Meanwhile, Will is going to find himself in difficult situation because of his mother Sami Brady's latest actions. The report notes that Will "plans to do something that he may regret" later. Sonny finds out about his husbands plans that leave him anxious and concerned. He decides to take Victor's assistance in order to resolve the problem.

Elsewhere Sami starts to think that "Rafe wants her back again." Sami Brady is not someone Salem City residents want to mess up with. Adrienne hatred towards Sami ignites once again, when Sami offends her.

Meanwhile, Elvis starts to feel that he and his wife could work things out for better future together. As for Kate, she reportedly does everything to "make sure future is destroyed."

Despite all the problems, Nicole has been desperate for Eric. The former couple takes a trip to Vatican City. Things take an unexpected turn when Eric reveals his real feelings for Nicole. As per the report, Eric tells Nicole "how much he hates her" and gives the verdict on their future together.

Other Highlights from August 4-8 Episodes of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) (Spoilers)

She Knows has revealed some more spoilers from the upcoming episodes. According to the report, the week begins with confrontation between JJ and Sami, who is angry over Sami for how she is dealing with his sister. Meanwhile, Eric tries to subdue his "feelings for Nicole." On Aug. 6 episode, Kate becomes the victim of Jordan's anger. And in the following episode, Jennifer and Eve finally see each other in the courtroom. The week ends with Kristen's "emotional confession to Daniel."

Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) airs weekdays at 1 pm on NBC.

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