‘Days of Our Lives’ (Days) Spoilers for May 12-16: Report Reveals What Happens After Nick Fallon’s Murder in ‘DOOL’

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NBC's long running daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives" will soon see some action packed and high-on-drama episodes. With one more episode to air for this week, fans know it will be last for Blake Berris' character Nick Fallon. Blake is leaving the show and he dies after he is shot by someone. But what happens next? Who killed him? Here are few spoilers from "Days of Our Lives" May 12-16 episodes.

Warning: Spoilers Alert! The article contains spoilers from "Days of Our Lives" ("Days" or "DOOL") May 12-16 episodes. Read only if you want to learn more.

Killing of Nick Fallon is going to accelerate things and escalate drama in Salem City. He has been shot but no one knows who committed the crime. While loved ones grieve, others try to come clear.

According to a She Knows spoilers report, the week begins with victim's funeral. The dead will be laid to rest and his loved ones will bid an emotional goodbye to him. As the show moves forward, fans see Marlena making some crucial "discoveries" about the murder mystery. Meanwhile, Sami is finds herself feeling regretful about her decisions that she made with EJ. Daniel will hear Nicole's confessions while she is all emotional. Abigail and Ben have things getting intense between them and they end up kissing each other for the first time.

Furthermore, Soap Opera Fan reveals that the murder leaves "half of the town on the suspect list." Hope Brady is quick in starting her investigation and this only lands her in difficult situation where she finds herself up against her family and friends. Hope starts with probing Sonny and asks some "tense questions." Things get problematic when she confronts Elvis and shows him an "incriminating photo."

Meanwhile, Abby gets out of the city and is feeling "guilty" about all the things that transpired between them.  Abby's mother tries to pacify her fears and tensions. Abby reveals it to Eric that she is unhappy about Nicole and Daniel's relationship. Kate finds out that her gun is missing.

This murder mystery will definitely get fans anxious and excited about the truth behind it. There are numerous theories running rampant on internet presenting hypothesis to the very question "who killed Nick Fallon?"

Celebrity Dirty Laundry speculates EJ has a very good reason to kill Nick as he threatened him to bring out the truth about his clandestine relationship with Abigail. On the other hand, Sami can be the murderer too, according to the publication. Nick has been threatening to distance her granddaughter Arianna from her. For more, the Web site notes it that Will and Sonny are also in the line of major suspects. What do you think? Who killed Nick Fallon? Will Hope ever be able to bring out the truth?

"Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) airs Monday through Friday at 1 pm on NBC.

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