‘Days of Our Lives’ Casting Spoilers: James Scott Exit ‘Days’; Actor Smoked Hallucinogen? Find Out What’s in Store for EJ DiMera

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"Days of Our Lives" actor James Scott left everyone shocked when he announced his departure from the long running daytime soap opera "Days." According to Soap Opera Digest report, the actor who plays fan favorite, key character EJ DiMera in NBC's "Days of Our Lives" is leaving after working for eight years on the show. Read on to find out why and what's in store for his character EJ.

According to the report, James Scott finished filming "Days of Our Lives" as EJ DiMera on May 2 which was followed by the announcement of his exit by the production house. The actor is leaving the show to "take some personal time and pursue new projects" according to NBC/ Corday productions.

In a statement announcing James Scott's departure, NBC thanked him for his contribution to the show and wished him good luck for his future.

At the same time, the actor expressed his gratitude to the channel and his "unbelievably loving fans." He says that he will miss everyone "immensely."

TV actor James Scott played one of the most popular soap opera characters. He portrayed the character who is the son of a crime lord in Salem city. He grew up and got romantically involved with Sami Brady played by Alison Sweeney. The couple became one of the most controversial couples of "Days of Our Lives."

Meanwhile, Showbizspy411 reports that while visiting Peru, the actor consumed hallucinogenics. On his spring break, he reportedly "hung out with shamans and smoked hallucinogenic." The Web site notes that the actor admitted this in an interview wherein he also called fans "f***ing idiots."

He spent six days in a jungle in Peru where and smoked Ayahuasca with three shamans, told "Days" actor James Scott in the interview. He described it as a "positive experience" of his life.  

"I sat in a tent, in a hut, in the jungle, on the amazons with three shaman blowing tobacco smoke into my crown, realigning my chakras and my energy, while I hallucinated for four to six hours," revealed James Scott in the interview (noted by Showbizspy411).

Fans are now anxious to know who will portray the role of beloved EJ DiMera on "Days of Our Lives" after actor's exit. Even though the actor has reportedly wrapped up his final scenes on Friday, it is said fans will get to see him on the show throughout the fall. There is no official word on character's recasting, leading to further speculations about character's exit.  

Before James Scott, actress Alison Sweeney announced her exit. Actress who plays the role of James' sweetheart in "Days" announced her departure in Jan. 2014, according to New York Daily News. She will be wrapping her work this year after spending 21 years on the show, told Alison Sweeney to Ellen DeGeneres. What do you think about James Scott and Alison Sweeney quitting "Days of Our Lives?" How do you think they will leave Salem city? Do you think they will be written off the script? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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