David Cameron Says UK Will Use Military Power To Defeat IS Threat

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Iraq- Secirity
Kurdish peshmerga troops participate in an intensive security deployment against Islamic State militants on the front line in Khazer August 14, 2014. U.S. President Barack Obama said on Thursday that the Islamist militant siege of Iraq's Mount Sinjar had been broken and most of the U.S. military personnel sent to assess the situation would be pulled out of Iraq in the coming days. Reuters

British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned the Islamic State militants (IS) in Iraq that the UK will not hesitate to scale up its resources, including military prowess, in stopping the formation of a terrorist state on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The Reuters reported that the British Prime Minister made these scathing comments on IS-the Sunni sect led splinter group of the Al Qaeda, in the article contributed to The Telegraph.  

Cameron said Britain will take a robust stance against the Islamic State to prevent the danger of it launching an attack on British soil.

Terror State

David Cameron expressed concern at the expansionist aims of the IS. He said IS was already aiming the ancient city of Aleppo and has designs on Jordan and Lebanon to stretch its territory right up to the Turkish border. If that is allowed to succeed it would be a terrorist state on the shores of the Mediterranean.

He noted that the terror group was seizing large tracts of territory in Syria and Iraq, and is now targeting Iraq's autonomous ethnic Kurdish region with an eye on Baghdad.

So far Britain had only limited engagement in Iraq, by way of dropping aid, surveillance and transporting of military supplies to Kurdish forces. But Cameron hinted that action against the Islamic State needed to be scaled up to match the big threat it has been posing. As a dangerous terrorist movement, it can target people on the streets of Britain with its murderous intent, the Prime Minister noted.  

Cameron said his government wanted to do more so that true security can be achieved by using a mix of aid, diplomacy and military might. Cameron called for a firm security response to handle the IS involving military chase of terrorists; international co-operation on counter-terrorism and unflinching action against terrorists at home.

As an immediate step, Britain will supply equipment directly to Kurdish forces, which will range from body armour to specialist counter-explosive equipment.

Regional Talks

Cameron also called for involving all regional powers, including Iran, in countering the threat from the IS. It was the Islamic State led genocide on ethnic minorities in the northern Iraq including Yazidis and Christians that prompted air strikes by the US to stop their aggressive advance to Kurdish regions. 

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